Installation and Repair

Whether school, manufacturing factory or hospital. Marshall HVAC is trained to install and repair all makes and models of tower cooling systems up to 250 ton chiller systems. Marshall can assist you with the proper sizing and efficiency models for new installations needed. We are also capable of diagnosing and advising on the best course of repair when needed.

Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping your tower cooling systems running in top condition is very important in keeping your customers and employees happy. Don’t let surprises and failures happen when you could have cut them off before they occur. Contact us today for a quote for a pre-scheduled maintenance agreement. Keep your systems running in top shape and catch problems BEFORE they arise.

Service Areas

Cooling towers Indiana
  • Columbus, Indiana
  • Franklin, Indiana
  • Greenwood, Indiana
  • CenterGrove, Indiana
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Shelbyville, Indiana
  • Greensburg, Indiana